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Professional Cleaning Service: Avoid These Cleaning Mistakes That Are Making Your Home Dirtier

Cleaning Mistakes That Are Making Your Home Dirtier

It’s simple to go through your regular cleaning process mindlessly when it’s time to freshen up your house. While it may seem automatic, some cleaning practices may be more harmful than helpful. Also, if you leave bacteria, dust, and filth behind, you will eventually have additional work to do. Slow down while you complete your to-do list, and consider how your methods may improve for better outcomes. A cleaning service encourages you to follow these changes for a safer, more efficient routine rather than making these cleaning mistakes that can make your home dirtier.

Using Dirty Cleaning Tools

The quality of your cleaning practice depends on the materials you use. Ensure your cleaning supplies are in good condition before you start to prevent contaminating other house areas with dust, filth, and bacteria. Regularly wash mop heads, scrub brushes, cleaning cloths, and other contaminated goods, such as toilet brushes, and disinfect them after every use. For best results, empty your vacuum as soon as it fills up and change or wash the filter frequently.

Not Cleaning Before Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting are not the same things, and understanding the difference can make or break how you clean surfaces. While disinfection employs chemicals to kill the germs, cleaning can remove them physically from a surface. Cleaning is a crucial initial step because the disinfectant will only efficiently target the bacteria if the surface is covered with dust or other debris. Ensure the surface is clean and debris-free before using the disinfecting spray so the chemicals can work.

Wiping Surfaces Too Soon

It can be more challenging than spraying, wiping, and leaving to get the best clean. Disinfectants take time to work, so patience is essential. To successfully remove germs, the surface may occasionally be visibly wet for several minutes. Always check the product label to find out the suggested contact time for sanitizing or disinfecting.

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