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Products to Boost Cleaning Efficiency, According to a Professional Cleaner

Purchase These Products for an Effective Cleaning of Your Home

There are thousands of cleaning products on the market, some more effective than others, and some more expensive than others. Choosing the right ones for the needs of your home can turn out to be a very challenging task, especially if you are not up for investing hundreds of dollars in something that you don’t know is going to be effective. Here, we bring you the products that, according to a professional cleaner, are infallible against dirt. The best part? You probably already have them in your kitchen!

Baking Soda

This soft abrasive product is ideal to disinfect and get rid of stuck stains in clothing, upholstery, and porcelain surfaces, to name a few. You can place a cup of it inside your fridge to eliminate bad odors and bacteria. As a powerful disinfectant, it is a great ally in bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

White Vinegar

The whitening power of white vinegar is what makes it an excellent ally for every cleaner. It can be used to clean toilets, bathroom and kitchen sinks, and glasses. Dissolved in water, white vinegar is very helpful in disinfecting dishes and getting rid of unpleasant food odors. Paired with baking soda? The perfect match for whitening your clothes!

Ground Coffee

The best part of including ground coffee in your cleaning routine is that you can recycle the one that you already used for your morning cup of coffee. Coffee is another powerful disinfectant and works as a fertilizer for plants. You can use it to remove fleas from the fur of your pets just by rubbing it wet and leaving it on for a few hours.

Now that you know these tricks, you won’t have to feel overwhelmed the next time that you go to the supermarket and pass by the cleaning product aisle. Remember that M&J Cleaning & Multiservices LLC offers outstanding cleaning services for residents in Cedar Rapids, IA, so you don’t have to worry about the hygiene of your home. Book an appointment at (319) 251-5321 now!