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Moving Tips From a Professional Junk Removal and Moving Assistance Company

How to Have an Efficient Moving Day

Several people find the process of moving from an old to a new residence to be very stressful. The negative feeling towards moving is not gratuitous since it implies taking your entire life from one place to another, and this monumental task takes a lot of time, money, and effort. As an expert cleaning company that offers junk removal and moving assistance services, we bring to you some hacks to ease your moving process.

Label All Your Boxes

No, we are not referring to just writing “kitchen” or “living room” with a black marker on the side of a box. Label them in greater detail. Before you start putting things into boxes, assess all the things inside a room and separate them into categories and sizes. Make a general inventory and create specific categories such as “winter clothing” or “hair accessories”. Be as thorough and specific as you need since this categorization will be of great help when unpacking. Attach the lists of these inventory to the side of each box to have every item precisely located.

Be Creative With Your Packing

Once you have made a good assessment of everything you need to pack in each room, you can start putting things in bags and boxes. Use whatever you have available to save some space. For example, you can wrap fragile items with small pieces of clothing, like t-shirts, and set them in place with hair elastics. You can also put socks inside your shoes or alternate pillows and books in a single box to balance the weight. Make sure that whoever you hire as moving help, follows this process too.

Concentrate Things in Different Rooms

As you start packing, you will realize that there are a lot of things that you don’t need anymore. Some of them may be suitable for donation and some of them will go directly to the trash can. Our advice is to designate a room or a corner for each category of things. If you used plastic bags for packing, put the trash in bags of a different color so they don’t get mixed up. This way it will be easier for you to send everything to their respective destination. If you hired a junk removal company, ask them to assist you with the classification of things and to continually take the trash out of your way so you can speed up the process.

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