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Cream of Tartar Can Be Used to Clean Various Items According to House Cleaning Service Experts

Things That Cream of Tartar Can Clean

The ideal cleaning solution is cream of tartar, which is much more than just a mysterious ingredient in baking. Wine-making produces potassium hydrogen tartrate, also known as “cream of tartar.” It works particularly well as a stain remover or grime-be one solution when combined with an acid, according to house cleaning service experts. It can be used to clean a variety of objects, including drains and filthy clothing, when combined with lemon juice, vinegar, and water. Discover what you can clean with cream of tartar by reading on.


Sink drains need to be cleaned as well, which should come as no surprise given the amount of rinsing and cleaning that takes place in sinks. For a simple drain cleaning solution, mix a tablespoon of cream of tartar with a quarter cup of baking soda, salt, and baking soda. Add two cups of boiling water to the mixture before pouring it down the drain. Rinse it with tap water from your sink faucet after letting it set for an hour.


Cream of tartar can be used to restore grout’s original color once it has become damaged and faded. To create a thick paste, combine two parts of cream of tartar with one part of white vinegar. The paste should be applied to the stained grout using an old toothbrush, and after 10 minutes it should be removed by wiping.

Kitchen Appliances

Also used in other kitchen tasks, cream of tartar might be helpful. Mixing a quarter cup of cream of tartar with a tablespoon of water will help you get rid of dirt, scuffs, and dings from the surfaces of your appliances. Utilizing circular motions to gently polish the appliance, apply the mixture to the troubled area, and then remove it with a fresh towel.

Stainless Pans

Unlike anything else in the kitchen, stainless steel pans are powerhouses, yet they are also susceptible to cooking residue and buildup. With the use of some hot water and cream of tartar, this accumulation can be removed. Cream of tartar should be sprinkled on the surface of soiled stainless steel cookware before being covered with a thin layer of hot water to clean it. Ten minutes after combining the ingredients, scrape the pan with a sponge, rinse, and pat dry.

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