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6 Commercial Cleaning Methods and Their Pros and Cons

Understanding the Unique Benefits of Each Cleaning Method

Not all commercial buildings are created equal. The size, layout, and materials vary from one property to another, and different cleaning methods are needed to keep everything clean and healthy in each space. If you’re ready to start your next big project and need to find ways to cut costs, you must start by doing a better job of understanding the pros and cons of each cleaning process. Below are 6 of the most common commercial cleaning methods and their unique benefits and challenges.

Steam Cleaning

Cleaning with steam is a simple and effective way to get rid of germs and bacteria while disinfecting without using chemicals. It’s also one of the most widely used cleaning methods. Steam cleaning can eliminate the need for chemicals that can be harmful to your employees and customers, especially in the event of a spill.

Bubble Blowing

If particles are floating in the air like dust, dirt, and allergens, you may want to consider this method. This incorporates the use of soap in the wastewater or wastewater solution. So, the suds will be able to remove everything in the bubble-blowing tank. Water, however, is still used to wash the surface. Just make sure that you are hiring a professional who is trained in the bubble-blowing method.

Pressure Washing

These are basically washing machines that use a high-pressure spray to eliminate the dirt and grime on the surfaces. It’s suitable for surfaces that can’t be cleaned with traditional methods. The high-pressure spray will make these surfaces clean and free of dust.

Ultrasonic Washing

This uses high-frequency sounds to help clean the surfaces completely. Not only will this remove dirt, but it will also massage the surface and break down the pollutants that cause interior surfaces to look worn down. It’s suitable for both hard and soft surfaces, and it will remove stain-resistant and is safe to use on sanitized surfaces.

Water Cleaning

This is often used for high-traffic commercial spaces because it is safe to use on floors, walls, counters, furniture, and other surfaces. Because water cleaning doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, it’s also a more affordable option. If your watering needs rely on electricity, you must consider investing in a rainwater harvesting system that will help you reduce your water usage and costs.

Detergent Cleaning

Detergents found in dish soap and laundry detergent are organic compounds that are made from either chemical reactions or natural extracts. They are excellent cleaning agents and help eliminate grease and grime, as well as all types of bacteria, dirt, and germs.

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