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3 Steps to Prepare Your Office From an Affordable Cleaning Service Company

Winter Preparation for Your Office

If you work somewhere that gets cold in the winter, it’s not enough to take steps to winterize your home. You should also prepare your office for cold weather. If you are an office manager or facility manager, preparing the office for the arrival of winter can take some work, this is why hiring an affordable cleaning service will help you with this. Here are some important steps to keep in mind so you can ensure your space is properly prepared.

Providing Hand Sanitizer And Soap

One of the most important steps for avoiding colds and flu at work is providing preventative tools. Set up hand sanitizer throughout the office that your team can use to prevent the spread of germs. Also, make sure the bathroom is fully stocked with soap. Consider cleaning communal spaces, like kitchens and break rooms, more regularly. This can help kill germs on surfaces that people have touched.

Clean Windows And Let In The Light

In the winter, it gets dark much earlier than in the spring. More darkness can cause depression or a lack of morale in team members. Make sure you let in as much light as possible by having the windows cleaned so that they are clear and sparkly. Also, during work hours, make sure all blinds are raised and shutters are open. Clean, open windows help expose workers to more light and boost moods. Also, you can consider investing in a UV lamp to keep in the office for a brighter environment.

Protect Your Floors

The winter can be hard on the floors. Not only are people wearing more heavy-duty shoes, but they are also tracking in snow, salt, and other substances used on the ground to prevent ice. Work on maintaining the floors by offering mats where people can wipe their feet. Also, make sure you clean the floor each day to prevent any of the chemicals from doing permanent damage to your flooring. An affordable cleaning service can help you with maintaining your floors so you don’t have to spend money getting them repaired and so that your office looks nice and well-maintained.

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